Thursday, September 20, 2012

A story from Sheikh Navaid Aziz :)

Syeikh Navaid Aziz told a story, there was a man. He is from Africa, a muslim. It took years and years for him to get married because of racism and stuff. He finally got married to someone he really loves and she is about to deliver their first child.....

Then, Allah took the life of his wife and the baby.

It was unimaginable and unthinkable to even think how he was feeling during that moment,
but guess what? A wife and child is a test from Allah. Allah can take it anytime He wants.

Allah wants to make sure that he is not loving his wife and his child more than loving Allah himself. This is a litmus test for everyone who wants to get married. 

Then ask ourselves, do we want to get married for the sake of ourselves (with the main goal of satisfying desire) or do we want to get married so that we can become closer to Allah and love Allah more?

Some people Allah make them get married early, some people Allah make them get married late or single forever. It does not matter what the situation is as long as the marriage should be able to boost your performance of ibadat and servitude to Allah not deteriorating it. Only Allah knows best..

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The happiest moment is. . .

is when u finally end up ur 3rd year with smileee :)

It's really a big relieve when I received message from my friend saying that I'm passed!

Well, u know the most scariest part in medicine that can cause severe palpitation & bilateral lower limb weakness is waiting for the result to come out. Risau kot..

Everytime when it comes to exam, its like..(long and short case especially)

"Ya Allah, aku ni tak belajar apa2 ke? ini aku tak tau. itu aku tak boleh jawap"

risau sangat-sangat...tapi bila result dah keluar, legaaaa.. That's medicine la kan. You learn best during the exam. Alhamdulillah I am now officially a 4th year medical student..(tua dah rupanya..) Congrats everyone! :)

p/s: now u gotta kick out za raya mode Ain..heh