Thursday, December 29, 2011


 Attitude is like posing for pictures
We pose the ways we want to be seen by others
But stolen shot are better because
It captures who we really are :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Is this fact?

Is this fact?

I keep dreaming of my mum and someone even just a glance.

* Semoga rindu dan sayang itu bersama tawakkal dan pengharapan~

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's okay even if my heart hurts :)

Hard work makes you Stronger, Mistakes makes you Smarter, Success keeps you in Shape, Sadness makes you Human, Happiness makes you Sweet!

p/s: While waiting for Dr Fadzil lecture..Semua tgh rajin kot..:p

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Today, I turn 22..


 canteknya..motif letak dis pic?sbb cantek

Today is my 22th birthday..22 years sounds like a long time, but time has flew by so0 quickly. A lot has change within the past year. I was a bit naive back then, but now I guess not anymore..cecece ;P Honestly, on this birthday, I don't want any presents. I don't want any celebration..(take note Sheena.kih3) If I could wish for one thing for my birthday, I want to turn the clock back. Yup! turn the clock so that I can correct all my mistakes I've done in the past. :'( But that is just 'if'.

Personally, Allah has blessed me with MORE things and opportunities than I can ask for. Great parents. Great family. Great friends. Its more than enough. That's the greatest give I have ever received. But if want to give me something (again take note.hihi) just doakan me and my family. I will be happy enough okay:)

I know I still got lots to learn, inshaAllah with each passing year, with each passing day, I will take one step closer to being closer to Allah..

I hope 18th December 2011 going to be the day of my 'rebirth'. And I want to express my gratitude to Allah SWT and to all my dearest family and friends for the amazing amount of blessing (spiritual and material) I received in my life. Thank you very much. Appreciate it :')

p/s: Semoga Allah memberkati kehidupan kita di dunia & diakhirat..amin~

Hi Ain! Happy Birthday! -Dong wook-

*mode perahsan.haha ;P

Tuesday, December 6, 2011



Thank you Allah for granting my prayers..Alhamdulillah..Alhamdulillah..the moment I saw my name pasted on the board and stated PASS, I was like nak sujud syukur in front it. Syukurrr sangat2 dengan limpahan rezki yang tak putus2 Dia bagi pada hamba yang banyak dosa ni. Thank you Allah..

Yeah.. I know I started off really bad on my 1st posting, plus with culture shock here and there, struggling to complete the logbook, case presentation, case write-up, (cry baby moment lagi.he he he), but with Allah's will, Allhamdulillah...I passed my 1st clinical examination.

Congratulations to all my posting mates and also friends from other postings. And to my friends who did not make it this time, don't despair..Allah has a reason for everything.. =')

Currently I'm doing my Pediatric posting..Azam posting baru utk mnjadi lebih rajin. Ohh procrastinating. I wish to get rid of that attitude soon. (err..mampukah?he he)