Thursday, November 24, 2011

Post-exam Syndrome


Just finished my first clinical exam.only God know how hard I'd faced them but Alhamdulillah..that's what I could say at this present moment. Not because I'm satisfied with what I have done during the exam. Still there were many mistakes I've learned and many weaknesses that I need to improve. But being grateful is more than enough to make me feel relief and less worry about the exam.

Memorizing is actually the most important key for us to be successful during the exam. That was my weakness. I can't memorize well. For me, the understanding is the most important. I can't memorize thing blindly. It wouldn't work at all. And I also have short term memory loss. very unfortunately. T_T So I need to repeat reading the same thing over and over even I had studied that part during study week but i need to revise it on the night before the paper.
I'm not kind of person that can stay up along the night. It's totally not going to work on me. But sometimes I have no other choices. I had to burn the midnight oil. It very frustrated when I can't remember a thing I had studied in the exam hall. huhu..But overall for theory paper, ok kot..*sounds less confident even many past year compilation questions came out again. Why la Ain..

For long case exam I got the case of reduce fetal movement due to maternal pyrexia secondary to urinary tract infection while for my short case, polyhydramnions secondary to fetal anomaly (duodenal atresia). I did try to present the case as best as I can. All I can do now praying and accept the faith. I might be disappointed with the result. Well I can guess how the result will be. Hope I can take it positively.

Here I wanna share part of the dialog in between me and my patient during clerking exam yesterday. My patient is 16years old (premarital conception) and this is her first pregnancy.

Me: Adik. kenapa adik masuk hospital ye?
Patient : Baby tak gerak..
Me: Lagi apa yang adik rasa sebelum masuk hospital?ada keluar darah tak?turun air ke?
Patient: Takde. Baby tak gerak je..
Me: Adik ada penah jatuh ke sebelum ni?
Patient: *thinking for few seconds..ha..ada2.masa raya haritu.sapu sampah pastu terjatuh kat tangga..
Me: Ok.adik ada demam ke semasa mengandung ni?
Patient: sekejap je mggu lepas.pastu masuk hospital..
Me: Minggu lepas masuk hospital tu sebab apa?demam je?
Patient: Tak.Rasa sakit perut mengeras..
Me: Ok.doktor bagi rawatan apa masa tu?
Patient: Doktor cucuk sni ( refer to her right hand) masuk air
Me: Doktor masuk air je ke?takde bagi ubat apa2?injection ke?
Patient: Takde..
Me: Lagi apa yg adik rasa sebelum masuk hospital minggu lepas?
Patient: Takde. sakit kt perut dgn demam je..
Me: Betul takde apa2?takde rasa berdebar2?pening2 ke?
Patient: Ada2..
Me: Lagi ada rasa apa lagi?ingat tak?Hm.ada apa2 lagi yg saya tertinggal n perlu tau?tolonglah tgh exam ni..saya nak pass..
Patient: Ada2. rasa takut..
Me: Pffffttt~ (hahaha..giggling dlm hati..:p)

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