Thursday, April 19, 2012

Time after time


I'm soO relieved after done my seminar and long case presentation eventhough I know I wasn't done it very well. Hope I'll be more systematic after this. And I think I really need to learn how to hide the panic too. Huhu..Surgery is tough and takes a lot of patience. But still every posting comes with different challenges la kan, gotta live with that. Sometimes I dunno what I learned for the past 7 weeks. Despite so much exposure, I'm still very slow-ow-ow...(-_-)

 "Monkey teaches monkey. This is not a monkey bussiness u know!" (ayat siapa ni..=P)
 It would be much pleasure if I were called as Corelle mangkuk ke..Vantage ke..(hehe..nak sangat ke Syafiqah?)

Aside from my negativity in Surgery(eheh), I've also been busy joining several activities. Last week I was in charge in donation for Aqsa Sharif booth at Megamall Kuantan. Thus, need to go around the mall and asked for the donations.huhu..May Allah save Palestina!

 Together with Sheena, Maya, Mira n Me..You know what?When you are asking for donation, you will feel like...'Rejections are normal'

with Catriona Ross. Such a very lovely and soft spoken women :) She was invited to be one of the panel for a Forum held there..
Okay.That's all.Got to go! nak packing barang for program at Tasik Chini.weehuu..Will continue update about Chini soon.. InshaAllah..daa! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All you need is...

نعم لا بد من حب لتملاء كوننا الأنوار

Dr. Yusof al-Qardhawi berkata:

 “Cinta akan mencari manusia. Tetapi manusia jangan mencari cinta.”
"Dengan gemerlap dan bersinarnya hati, maka lahirlah kebaikan...
Dengan gelapnya hati,maka lahirlah kejahatan...
Apabila manusia telah mengenali hatinya maka dia akan kenal dirinya,
maka akan mengenal Tuhannya..."
(Imam Al-Ghazali)

  p/s: moga 'cinta' itu membangkitkan kita :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Let it go with smile

We love ourselves even after making so many mistakes.
Then how can we hate others for only their small mistakes? 
Strange but true! So let's make habit of FORGIVING!

Do inhale ♥ ; exhale hate ^_^

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

19 JamadilAwwal 1433


How time flies so fast. I am now almost at the 7th week of my surgical posting and still so many things I haven't finish read yet. Everytime when  I go to hospital, every single day, my legs are kind of wobbly from standing too long during ward rounds, joining clinics and during jelly hehehhh. Balik bilik je merangkak cari katil.haha.ok tipu. So tell me where's exactly the time to finish all those surgical books Dr?alasan Syafiqah alasan~

Medicine aside. Actually my birthday is today according to Islamic Calendar.19 JamadilAwwal. Hip.Hip.Ho0rayy! (hee..ada orang bagi hadiah la :P) Bless me Ya Allah..Bless me! Bless me! One thing I can't help to think of on my birthday is how much I want to thank to my Mother for giving me birth on that date. Terima kasih yang teramat Mak..=')

Well, my mum wasn’t a world leader or a famous doctor.She was neither business tycoon nor any social figure. But she was one of the greatest woman who had ever lived and 5th January 2006 was my first day without her. On that day, I didn’t know what to do with myself..also worried towards my younger bros and sisters..I’m worried if they not have the chance to feel love and being loved by a ‘Mother’ anymore like I feel..(Thanks alot Mama for your willingness to accept and taking care all 8 of us!)

Alhamdulillah..I am thankful that Allah let me have my mum for 17 years. And before He taking her, I am happy that I was given a chance to hug and kiss her, also to let her know, how much I loved her. Until now, there is no word I can express to show how much I missed her.The last time I saw her was in the mosque(jenazah prayer) just after I arrived from the Langkawi..Only He knows how I felt during that moment. I will not be able to see her anymore and from now on got to bear such a huge responsibility to help and support my dad especially.

That wonderful woman died with a smile on her face and fulfillment in her heart. She was a great & success as a wife, mother, daughter, sister and biology teacher..and she was my MuM... Al-Fatihah.

 Semoga Allah sayang Mak lebih daripada Angah sayangkan Mak..<3

Sunday, April 1, 2012


"Don't get disappointed whenever you fall. Because, only fallen leaves have the power to touch great heights when wind blows :)"

Kelmarin, Tuhan telah membantumu. Percayalah esok Dia masih akan tetap menolongmu. Bersangka baiklah kepada Allah.
-Imam as-Syafi'e ♥