Monday, November 7, 2011

My O & G posting

Assalamualaikum :)

Live in O&G posting is very busy. I have to be always on the go. Thats why I've been working really hard in O&G department HTAA (erkk..yeke??either working hard or hardly working.. :P ) Alhamdulillah lots of new experiences, new mistakes, new knowledge I have gained along this posting.

And yeah, I am ending my posting in few more days! hee..why am I so happy ni..getting ending on dis posting means getting nearer to the final exam la Ain! T.T

Anyway, I want to thank to HOD of O&G, Prof Mokhtar, who is a verryyyy intelligent, busy yet caring person (my mentor tuu..he), and our specialists are Dr Ganesh, Prof Murad, Dr Raja Arif, Dr Ziana, Prof Hamiza, Prof Zalina, Dr Muna, Dr Dahlia, Dr Azam, Prof Roszaman etc.

Mo’s – Dr Azha, Dr Ayu, Dr Yong, Dr Wan Firdaus, Dr Maryam, Dr Rohani etc.
Ho's - Dr Salmiah, Dr Anisah, Dr Marisa, Dr Alif, Dr Vance, Dr Khadijah, Dr Siva etc.
and of course the core and backbone of O&G, all the midwives and staff nurses at labour room. Thank you so much for all your help, instruction, and your effort to improve us. Thank you! Thank you!

And here, I also want to wish all of my friends a very sweet and Happy Eidul Adha!:) May Allah bless and reward us with the blessing of Heaven..ameen10x..

 Pic raya haji last year with my friends Sheena, Mira, Aina, Kaklong, Fasha and Me. Style btul ;P

Till then, buh bye and Salam:)

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