Friday, August 5, 2011

Bandung -Jakarta (Part 2)

Assalamualaikum and Hi everyone! Found some mood to continue update my new entry. So here we go :) Ermm..what is the first thing that cross to your mind when you heard the word Bandung? Perhaps air bandung?mee bandung?or....... Shopping?ngee~

Well, other than Pasar Baru, tempat shopping yang banyak attract tourist was Factory Outlet (FO). If you want to find some branded cloths, jeans, shoes, bags, the FO will be the shopping paradise for you. But kena pandai pilih la..They were certain brands that most likely fake. They mixed in with the other brands to make them look like real rejects.huhu

There were many FO in the Bandung city but the most popular one were along Jalan Riau, Jalan Dago and Jalan Setiabudi. The Secret, Heritage, Cascade, Terminal Tas, Rumah Mode, Oasis were among the FO shops that I could remember..


The Secret

Well, to be honest, I didn't buy anything at all from the Factory Outlet. huhu. Why so? Hmm..Because I didn't find the price like what I imagined.Thought that it would be cheap but the price was only sama je kalau beli kat Malaysia..Shopaholics may be differ with my opinion but for me they were just..hmm ordinary. Plus, if you come with lots of money that's a different story lah kan :P

Then, we went to Bandung Indah Plaza. BIP was the oldest shopping mall in the Bandung.. We were just do window shopping inside there jalan-jalan..and infront of the BIP there was a Merdeka Arcade Factory Outlet, while along the road they were many street vendors and hawkers.

Bandung Indah Plaza. Can you see the traffic infront BIP building? Its frightening. >,<

Recently, Bandung had just opened new shopping mall known as Paris van Java..tapi tak sempat nak ke sana due to time constraint. :(

After spending much time for shopping, then its time to search for dinner. We chose to eat Bebek that night. Do you know what is bebek? While Malaysian people call it duck, Indonesian call it as bebek. Bebek was quite famous in Indonesia. They were many stalls tepi2 jalan that serve bebek garang, bebek penyek, bebek crispy..haha.funny :P 

Hm..when the food was served, I can see my friends' face was like saying " Can I eat this and not get sick?".haha.. However, we respect the food and ate the bebek slowly to enjoy the taste..:)
We enjoy the song too..well, not bad :)

Waah..perut suda kenyang..Ok.Our last destination that night was at Universitas Padjadjaran. Since our tourguide were students that came from that uni, thus we took this chance to visit there before we went home..:D

tadaa..! everyone with muka penat masing2..

On the next morning, unfortunately, few of my friends were having diarrhea and stomach flu. We guess due to food poisoning and of course we were blaming that bebek.huhu..:P Soon after out tourguide knew that some of us having uncomfortable flu, he immediately bought us isotonic drink and paracetamol to relief the pain..

Isotonic drink 'Pocari Sweat' instead of 100Plus

That morning, we were actually planning to have a horse riding activity. Yah! I admit that I was very excited because that was one of my childhood dream! (kesian kan bunyinya..?)But unfortunately, as we arrived in front of the horse riding park, we were told that the place was closed for that day..sobs.='(  (kesian lagi..) 

Therefore, we changed our tentative by visiting Strawberry Farm..Stroberi pun stroberi la kan.. hee. Well, This Strawberry Farm let us pluck our own strawberries and charge according to the weight and we can get the strawberry ourselves at Rp 60,000/kg..

Everyone was ready to pluck the strawberry! err..belakon je tu. Bakul yg berisi stroberi hanya satu shj..

Strawberry farm. Nothing special..just like Cameron Highlands

Basically, our focus were just on shooting photos.he

Strawberry juice..fresh from the farm! Yumm..:)

All the berries were available.Blueberry..Rasberry..except Blackberry.hihi..and the berries taste sweet and best to eat in the same day. I have bought two packets of the berries :) 

Enough with Strawberries, we were then continue our journey to Kampung Gajah. When I heard the name at first, I thought that it was a large place to maintain and train the elephant. But there was no elephant whatsoever here. Its just a name after all.

Kampung Gajah entrance

Many activities or outdoor games you can try here like ATV touring, Skyrider etc.There were also kids playground like Spongebob's House, Teletubbies House and the scenary was great! 
 We were sliding downwards!

Spongebob's House

Teletubbies House.The house was too small for three of us..

When visiting here, be sure to spend enough money because in Kampung Gajah, many things that you will spend a little inside but really very satisfying :)

Okay.I guess that's enough for now..stay tuned for Part 3..
Thank you for reading this entry!:)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bandung -Jakarta (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum everyone! Its been awhile since my last update. Huhu..kind of lazy to do the typing..:P

Well, two weeks ago, me and my friends went for a short trip to Bandung and Jakarta. 3 days at Bandung and another 2 days at Jakarta. It was such a very wonderful and unforgettable memories I have ever had since I’ve never been outside from Malaysia and also this is my very first time I enjoying vacation with my friends..:D

16th July 2011 was the day where I suddenly became a millionaire.hihi! However, having almost Rp 3,000,000 in my hands for a five days trip doesn’t make me richer financially but definitely richer in experience. Truly...

There are so many interesting tourist places in Bandung. Among them includes Pasar Baru, Factory Outlet, Tangkuban Perahu, Strawberry Farm, Kartika Sari, Kampung Gajah, Transtudio, Paris Van Java etc. But we only managed to visit few places due to matter of time and of course $$$$...

After finding our driver and tourguide, we first drop our huge luggage at the homestay that we chose. After we settled down abit, we were hungry of course, so there's a restaurant nearby our home. It's a Nasi Padang Restaurant. Well the lauk-pauk there were not much different like Malaysia. So tekak ni boleh la jugak menerimanya..Those who often or tend to get food poisoning when travelling there, i guess Nasi Padang was the most preferable one to eat :)

This is how Nasi Padang was served

   I love ‘Alpokat’ (Avocado) juice here!:D

Then, our next destination was to shopping at Pasar Baru.You better prepare loads of cash before you come here! Baju kebaya, baju batik, telekung, tudung, shoes, bags, cloths and even kain for wedding are all available with very high quality material and soO beautiful..I respect people there because of their very tiny creativity in making such a lovely clothes! (Bukan senang nak jahit sulam2 halus tu.huhu..) Thus, if you love shopping, don't bring guys along with you because it was tooo0 crowded and hectic inside there (klu yg sabar mcm abah sy ok :P). Even me and my friends need to separate to do our own shopping. And at last I managed to grab 7 pieces of telekung, 3 pairs kain for raya and several blouses for myself...khalas :)

Pasar Baru entrance

Next day, we went to Tangkuban Perahu. It took us around an hour to reach the volcano from the city area. I just love the journey there, so classic and kampung-ish. Plus, there were lot of tea plantation and strawberry farm along the way to the Mount Tangkuban Perahu making  me feel more tranquil and refreshing..

 1 hour later, here we are, reach at the peak of the hill..Beautiful! The air was cool but with strong sulphuric smell..

The whether was just perfect, with a bit blue sky and white windy breeze around 22degree..

Below are few photos that I snapped while we were walking along the Tangkuban Perahu souvenir market :)

Es kelapa muda

Wood handicraft. I bought one!:)

Snake bones left and the skin were used to make wallet, handbags.. etc.

Mcm kepala orang yang kena penggal.hehe.. made from coconuts!

After visiting Tangkuban Perahu, we were then walking down to see Domas Crater or Kawah Domas. There exists many hot geysers. Walking down 1300m to the Kawah Domas was extremely painful. SeriOusly.. >,<

The view of the Kawah Domas crater from the summit of Mount Tangkuban Perahu

We were going downhill.1300m downwards to Kawah Domas..i feel the tremors..;( The track is rocky and slippery, a good pair of hiking shoes is needed. So kalau sapa-sapa yang bercadang nak pegi trekking ke crater tu, sila bawa kasut yang sesuai siap-siap, ok.

You can soak your tired feet in the pool of hot water, apply volcanic mud on your limbs for therapeutic effects or boiling eggs.

Towards noon, we left the place and proceeded to a fantastic restaurant! Its like ala-ala Bali..(Failed to recall the name.haha..) Their waiters welcome us at the entrance and guide us to where we’re supposed to be seated. This restaurant is set in a natural surroundings. Many wooden huts of different sizes (depends to the number of diners) are built. But everybody seems so tired and hungry at that moment. No photo2 session..naa..thats why lah I can't remember the name..:P

Okay!will be updating again on Part 2..InshaAllah..

Thank you for reading this entry! :)