Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Recipe: AisKrim Goreng~ :D

Aiskrim goreng or fried ice cream sounds like something of a contradiction aite?hehe..How can you take something that melts easily and fry it? Well, first time I eat fried ice cream is when I was at matric PJ. Everytime when I went to pasar malam there, I never miss this. Taste very niceee! *_*

Making fried ice cream is surprisingly easy and not require expensive ingredients u know. Instead of buying from somewhere with an expensive price, why don't you try to make it on your own? I've made it twice already.hehe..Actually, there are many ways in making this recipe. Some people like to coat the balls of  ice cream in flour or some may use bread. But I prefer bread as it is much more easier. Here, I have list 9 steps in making this super yummy fried ice cream..

The Ingredients:
Ice cream
Vanilla/ Chocolate/ Strawberry/ Whatever you're in the mood for

Gardenia bread
Crush corn flakes


Chocolate syrup/ Honey/ Whipped cream

1. Take one scoop of ice cream and put on each bread. Cover the ball of ice cream with the bread completely. You can use curry puff maker if you want. Otherwise just use your hands and trim the bread by scissor

Helpful hint : It's important to cover the balls completely. The coating protects the balls from the hot frying oil and gives the dessert the fried taste and crunchy-ness!

2. In small bowl, beat the eggs and water together

3. Roll the coated ice cream ball in the beaten egg, cover completely

4. Then, roll the the coated ice cream ball in the second dish of crush corn flakes, cover completely

5. Place the coated ball immediately in the freezer for at least 4 to 6 hours

6. Repeat for all balls

7. Using tongs, gently drop ice cream ball into hot oil. Fry for 30-40 seconds until crisp. Place fried ice cream on serving dish. Serve immediately.

8. Finally, you can decorate with your own style either with chocolate syrup/ honey/ whipped cream



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