Saturday, July 7, 2012

Life isn't a box of chocolate

I do not know what's wrong with me..I don't know why I have been soooo super emotional lately..I don't know why..Honestly, I can just cry over the littlest dumbest things you could imagine like seriously..

Sometimes I feel like I don't want to study.. I don't want to do things and I don't feel like myself. I was thinking if I were not a medical student, I would have probably pursued for business.

Ahh..I really love business!  My passion for business became more and more when I started doing my online business. After 2 months being a full-time owner of online shop, I've experienced dealing with people from all over Malaysia until Brunei, Singapore..etc which was fun!

I want to own a company, being a nice boss, having nice dress, nice cars and a nice 5-figure income..But looking back my life here in medicine, I just have nothing.

So true..
But what do I have to do now?

I kept saying to my friends that I want to live my dreams. They laughed at me.hehe.maniac!

We will look and see in 30 years time.

Life is not a box of choc. Life will be so much easier if it were a straight road aite? Always know what's up next and know what to expect. But the road of life filled with all those bumps and an unexpected turns which we are not prepared for. And still whatever happened, in the end we will completely depend on Him.

My dad once said to me "Kalau hidup kita ni tak 'hidup', sama la macam mati". Hm. Couldn't agree more.

I know sometimes, what I really want is not a right things for me after all. Oh Allah..Grant me blessings in it and grant me blessings better than it.

Ok.Enough then before I keep on mumbling things that I'm not supposed to write. Daa!

 p/s: I need a booster. need some motivations.. nak balik..:'(